Unexpected Mini Haul = Double Happiness

Today is the second day of fasting ( yeah I am a Muslim ), it’s damn hot here, we were so lazy to shop in this climate and was procrastinating the grocery shopping process, but yesterday only we realized if we don’t do it anymore we will have to depend only on water and rice for iftar (that’s the only thing left out in the house). So today after office we decided to head to nearby lulu, it’s one of the biggest shopping mall chains in the middle east and its run by Indian management. The first which caught my attention when we entered the mall is the sale board in the makeup section, how could I just come from there without checking it out?? They had 20% off for Maxfactor, so I decided to check out few products. No need to say further right?? It ended up as a mini haul, check out the pics for the time being. Reviews and swatches will be posted soon.

Unexpected Mini Haul - Maxfactor creme puff

I didn’t like the lady in the counter she was so kanjus, was not ready to give any samples. Just managed to get this only

Unexpected Mini Haul Chifon

Reviews coming up soon. Till den TC.

Stay Happy and Beautiful