My experiments with CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat

Like most women, I like healthy, well-groomed and beautiful nails! Love the vibrant and always appropriate manicure that lasts as long as possible, well, who wouldn’t want that? After you have picked one of suitable nail designs, you need to think about the strength of the manicure. I sincerely believe that in a truly lasting manicure the crucial role played by a few points:

  • The health of your nails.
  • Base/Top to extend the life of a manicure.

If the first point is clear, then a good Top or the Base to pick up quite difficult, especially because now there are a great many products that have virtually every manicure manufacturer. At me such problem arose at exactly the moment when I bought a very beautiful and expensive nail Polish by a famous brand, which has survived in my arms a maximum of 2 days and I could not extend his existence!
After reading the reviews, I decided to buy VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat.

CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat. My nail design experience

Its price was $ 11. I had this Top for exactly 6 months constantly use, in the end it began to thicken and it is even more increased consumption, I used it once a week for a manicure and pedicure.

CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat. The bottle and the brush

The product itself is transparent, the consistency is already thick, and the brush is very convenient for me.
I have done 2 experiments with this coating, painted my nails earlier in the week, photographed and the photo compared with the state of the manicure at the end of the week. I didn’t use a Base coat, only color Polish in 2 coats and VINYLUX Top.
Here’s what happened:
1. Pink nail polish.

CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat. Pink manicure. 1st day

The top layer fits very tight, dries in record time – 20 minutes, thus creates a super durable coating on the nails.
Photo at the end of the week.

CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat. The end of the week. Pink manicure

It is seen that the nail growing back, the polish didn’t split off, edges a little rubbed and that is all!
2. Fuchsia nail polish.

CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat. The start of the week. Fuchsia manicure

The beginning of the week
The end of the week

CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat. The end of the week. Fuchsia manicure

There was a small chip, but throughout the week I was admiring a stunning shine to my nails!
I highly recommend trying this cover to all! It will easily dry a large number of layers, will keep the stickers on your nails, will delight the awesome glitter on the rest of the week, it extends the life of any varnish. This will facilitate your life, saving many hours that you normally spend on painting nails.