My experiments with CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat


Like most women, I like healthy, well-groomed and beautiful nails! Love the vibrant and always appropriate manicure that lasts as long as possible, well, who wouldn’t want that? After you have picked one of suitable nail designs, you need to think about the strength of the manicure. I sincerely believe that in a truly lasting […]

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The weightless sparkling tenderness on the nails

The weightless sparkling tenderness on the nails. MAYBELLINE Colorama New York #255

It is my review about MAYBELLINE Colorama New York #255. I bought it a year ago, it was worth at that time about $4 and it’s not expensive for such a product. The bottle is a cylindrical shape with a capacity of 7 ml. The MAYBELLINE Colorama has a large and wide brush, it is […]

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